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Several months have passed since James Fynch returned to his world, but not day goes by when he doesn't think about his extraordinary adventure. With the gold clock ticking more persistently than before, he knows that time is running out. 


Turning the dials of the clock, he finds himself once again in Arissel. Reunited with Will, Arthur and Aralia, the quest for Arvad's crystals begins again. The task ahead is daunting and the companions must use every skill they possess to fight against the rising darkness. 


James is determined to protect his world, but soon discovers there is nowhere to hide. Danger lurks everywhere, but the journey is far from over. Following nothing but a myth about the mystical island of Arvora, they face enslavement and death in their race to find the seastone... 

In the early hours, just after midnight, a power cut strikes and in an abandoned street, a broken clock starts ticking. ​The clock, held in the hands of a teenage boy, has the power to change his fate and the course of history.

James Fynch doesn't believe in magic, but his discovery of a coexisting world changes his destiny. The barrier between worlds hasn't been broken for centuries, but with dark powers rising, it is more fragile than ever before.

In this magical world, James becomes bound to a quest for the firestone, one of four mythical crystals able to destroy the rising darkness. Although James doesn't believe in magic, he must find the firestone or else both worlds may fall...


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