Many authors will say that they've been writing for as long as they can remember and, well, I'm going to tell you the same. 
My passion for words and for stories began at an early age. Being read to as a child developed into a love for independent reading and an appreciation for the beauty of words. 
Seven years and many 'novel' ideas later, I drafted The Firestone. I knew from the moment I started that this would be the one I'd finish. 

In 2020, The Firestone was released and the second in the series, The Seastone, will be out soon. 
In the early hours, just after midnight,
Aside from writing novels, I work as a freelance writer, editor and tutor. I am inspired by words and stories every day and I love what I do because of it. 
I offer a number of freelance services and if you'd like to learn more about what I do, click on the button below.