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October, 2022

Books Every Witch Needs in Her Bag | Country House Library

Literature is filled with references to witchcraft and its age old tradition.

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August, 2022

Virginia Woolf's work shines with intelligence 

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July, 2022

Virginia Woolf | Country House Library

Virginia Woolf was one of the most prominent modernist writers. 

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September, 2022

Puffin Books |
Country House Library

These vintage Puffin books will transport you back to your childhood.

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July, 2022

Summer Party Books |
Country House Library

Are you looking to host the perfect vintage party this summer?

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May, 2022

Flower Show | Country House Library

The earliest recorded official flower shows first appeared in the 1830s. 

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April, 2022

Amazing Antique Books for Under £100 | Country House Library

This list discusses eight particularly special vintage volumes.

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April, 2022

8 Classic Children's Books | Country House Library

Many adults return to the books they read and loved as children.

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February, 2022

Romance has always had an influence on literature. 

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December, 2021

Luxury Gifts For Christmas | Country House Library

There’s no better time to indulge in a luxury literary gift than at Christmas. 

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November, 2021

Gifts for Children | Country House Library

Writers have long created magical and absorbing tales for children. 


August, 2021

Ernest Hemingway's Memorable Prose | Country House Library

Born in 1899, Ernest Miller Hemingway was an American novelist, short-story writer and journalist. 

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October, 2022

Fairies have danced across the pages of many famous tales.

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October, 2022

There is nothing quite so thrilling as reading a book with a great plot twist. 


September, 2022

Books to Read in the Garden |
Country House Library

Reading in the garden is an entirely different experience to reading indoors.

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August, 2022

Goodwood Revival |
Country House Library

Host the perfect vintage party for all your Goodwood friends this summer.

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June, 2022

Author of the Month: E.M Forster |
Country House Library

E. M. Forster was an English novelist, essayist and short story writer. 

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May, 2022

The Observer's Book Of... |
Country House Library

The Observer’s Books series was created to interest the observant reader. 

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April, 2022

The First Ten Penguin Books | Country House Library

Penguin Books - the most famous name in British publishing history.

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March, 2022

Relive the Regency Period with a curated selection of vinatge books! 

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January, 2022

Wild Men of Literature | Country House Library

"In wildness is the preservation of the world." Henry David Thoreau 

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December, 2021

Ten Gifts for Fashion Lovers | Country House Library

Clothes and fashion have played a major role in our society for centuries. 

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November, 2021

Gifts for Her | Country House Library

Looking for a special gift for her this Christmas?

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July, 2021

Graham Greene: The Wandering Writer | Country House Library

Graham Greene, born in 1904, was an English writer and journalist. 

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October, 2022

It is a dream of many authors and readers alike to own a library.

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September, 2022

The Best Literary Villains | Country House Library

What does ‘best’ mean when it comes to villains? 

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September, 2022

Daphne du Maurier | Country House Library

du Maurier was a prolific novelist, playwright, and short story writer. 

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July, 2022

10 Beach Reads for Adults |
Country House Library

There is no better time to dive into a good book than on a beach in summer.

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June, 2022

Classic Feminist Male Authors | Country House Library

A number of classic male authors broke away from patriarchal modes.

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April, 2022

Detective Fiction | Country House Library

For decades now, the thrill of a literary murder has captivated readers.

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March, 2022

The Irish Literary Revival | Country House Library

The Irish Literary Revival began during the late 19th Century. 

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February, 2022

Poetry for Self Discovery | Country House Library

Many great poetic works touch upon the theme of selfhood.

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January, 2022

New Year, New Books | Country House Library

In celebration of the New Year, we’ve selected ten new books from our store.

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December, 2021

Ten Gifts for Music Lovers | Country House Library

For lovers of music and reading, books about music can make great gifts. 

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October, 2021

Top 10 Autumn Reads | Country House Library

When the nights draw in, there’s nothing better a good book. 


May, 2021

Books to Read Outside This Spring | Country House Library

Having spent all winter indoors, wrapped in blankets, it’s time to select a good book and head outside...