Book One of The Eternal Prophesy

In the early hours, just after midnight, a power cut strikes and in an abandoned street, a broken clock starts ticking. 
The clock, held in the hands of a teenage boy, has the power to change his fate and the course of history. 
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"Many authors will say that they've been writing for as long as they can remember and, well, I'm going to tell you the same. 

My passion for words and for stories began at an early age. Being read to as a child developed into a love for independent reading and an appreciation for the beauty of words. 

I write fantasy novels because I believe books really can take you to other worlds. Literature holds a particular kind of magic that readers can share a part of."

News and Interviews

Review: The Firestone

Published on Dr Who Online


'The Firestone is the debut novel from Francesca Tyer - book 1 in a proposed series...'

Launches in Lockdown
Published in Chandler's Ford Today 22/01/21

'And now to welcome Francesca Tyer who launched her debut novel just ahead of lockdown...'

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Author Interview with Francesca Tyer 

Published by Shelly Wilson


'I have great pleasure in sharing my interview with Francesca Tyer, author of The Firestone...'

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