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Looking for help with English?

Knowing how to read and write effectively is essential, not just at school but in every stage of life. Being able to analyse and interpret language, construct essays and write stories are all invaluable skills.


If you have a child who needs help with their schoolwork, or if in fact you are seeking a tutor yourself, I can help. With a broad range of English tutoring experience, I'm here to support your studies in any way you need.

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Individual lessons: £30 per hour

Group lesson prices: Please send a message for further details 


Free consultation: 15 minutes 

Hours taught: 500+

DBS: Basic check 

Early Years 

Age: 5-10


Age: 11-13


Age: 14-16


Age: 16-18


Age: 8+

Adult learners

Age: 18+

If you would like to discuss a project, enquire about prices or ask a question, please get in touch via my contact page. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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I am an enthusiastic and patient tutor with a passion for English. I care about nurturing, encouraging and inspiring pupils with their studies and am a firm believer that every student has the potential to succeed.

I specialise in literature and creative writing but teach a range of topics. I work to build confidence in all my pupils, encouraging them to think outside the box and achieve their goals.

I deliver all lessons in accordance with National Curriculum standards but take a more flexible approach. I trained as a Montessori tutor, an education system based on the principle that children are constantly learning from the world around them.


While I work to ensure students reach their targets, I believe that learning to love a subject is part of the process. 

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"Francesca has helped my 14yr old daughter enormously. She has worked hard to connect with her in a way that has engaged her, challenged her belief that she 'hated english' and was 'rubbish at it', and helped her grow in confidence & understanding. She listens to my daughters interests and has used them creatively as a way in."

Sophie M, parent

Clients I've worked with

The English Foundry   |   Tutorful   |   Montessori Tutors

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