I am an enthusiastic and patient teacher with a passion for teaching English. I care about nurturing, encouraging, and inspiring pupils with their English studies and am a firm believer that every student has the potential to succeed.


Subjects I specialise in are English Literature and Creative writing, but I also teach a variety of other English-related topics. While I teach according to National Curriculum standards, I am also a trained Montessori tutor. Montessori teaching follows the National Curriculum but is based on the principle that children are constantly learning from the world around them. Montessori tutors take a more creative approach, allowing children to explore learning beyond the classroom.


Age: 8+

Levels: Intermediate/advanced

Topics: Reading, writing, grammar, conversation, interview skills, presentation skills.

Price: £30 per hour

Adult learners

Age: 18+

Topics: Reading, English language, English literature, creative writing, critical thinking, in depth analysis, essay skills, exam skills, vocabulary expansion, presentation skills. 

Price: £30 per hour


Group sessions may be requested for a reduced price. 

Minimum age: 6+

Group sizes: 10 students 

Price: £22.50 per hour


Age: 6+

Topics: Phonics, reading, essay skills, creative writing, vocabulary building, 

grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Price: £30 per hour


Age: 11+

Topics: Reading, comprehension, analysis, essay skills, creative writing, vocabulary building, 

grammar, punctuation and spelling.


Price: £30 per hour


Age: 14+

Topics: English language, English literature, Creative writing, essay and exam skills, vocabulary building, presentation skills.

Price: £30 per hour

A Level

Age: 16+

Topics: Set text analysis, essay and exam skills, critical thinking.

Price: £30 per hour

Qualifications and experience: 

Education: Undergraduate degree in English Literature 

Training: Montessori Certified Educator 

Experience: 450+ hours of teaching experience plus workshop leadership 

Get in touch: 


*If you are looking for a tutor, either for yourself or for someone else, please do get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.